Unboxing the Future of Rewards & Community Growth

Deal With It: Unboxing the Future of Rewards and Community Growth

The burgeoning world of cryptocurrency is teeming with innovation and opportunities, and at the heart of it, the Deal With It ($DWIT) movement is taking a revolutionary step forward. 

By focusing on community rewards, robust tokenomics, and a roadmap designed for success, $DWIT is not just a token; it’s a movement. Here’s a comprehensive overview of what you can expect.

Focus on the Prize Box: Instantly Claim USDT from $5 to $200

The standout feature that truly sets $DWIT apart from other projects, even within the crowded landscape of meme tokens, is its innovative Prize Box system. 

Unlike many meme coins that ride the wave of popularity without substantive engagement with their community, Deal With It ($DWIT) turns the tables by giving back real and tangible rewards to its holders.


For every $100 spent in purchasing $DWIT tokens, dealers are eligible to claim a Prize Box, each containing USDT rewards ranging from $5 to $200. This direct financial incentive is unprecedented among meme tokens, many of which provide only the speculative opportunity for profit without concrete rewards. 

The Prize Box system ensures that participants don’t just invest and hope for appreciation but actively benefit from holding and engaging with the token.

Where many meme tokens create buzz without substance, $DWIT builds a sustainable model of rewards and community growth. While other projects may capitalize on memes for viral attention, Deal With It takes it a step further by cultivating a culture of appreciation, profit-sharing, and real prizes.

The message is clear: Deal With It is not just another meme token; it’s a movement with real benefits and a community-driven ethos. This alignment of interests between the project and its community solidifies $DWIT’s place as a pioneer in creating genuine value within the meme coin space.

Gleam.io 100k Airdrop & Launch

Soon to launch, Gleam.io100k airdrop further amplifies the $DWIT movement, providing an even more substantial opportunity for community members. By joining the movement, you not only align with a forward-thinking project but also stand a chance to compete for a whopping $100K USDT Airdrop.

You can sign up for the airdrop here.

An astounding 100% of the tokens are allocated for the community, with an allocation of 50% for marketing to foster outreach, 30% for community rewards to incentivize engagement, and 20% for exchanges, including 10% for decentralized exchanges (DEX) and 10% for top-tier centralized exchanges (CEX). 

This distribution model, and the locking of liquidity forever, showcases Deal With It’s commitment to transparency, security, and the sustained growth of the $DWIT ecosystem.

Conclusion: the Deal With It Movement

Deal With It’s mission goes beyond mere profit. It’s about providing stable profits, genuine rewards, including the audacious goal of connecting with Elon Musk. From cashback experiences to a robust Prize Box system, the $DWIT movement sets a high bar.


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