Starknet Foundation Unveils Plan to Allocate 1.8 Billion STRK Tokens for Network Growth

Starknet Foundation Unveils Plan to Allocate 1.8 Billion STRK Tokens for Network Growth

The Starknet Foundation – the organization behind the Ethereum Layer 2 network Starknet – announced plans to allocate over 1.8 billion STRK tokens across multiple initiatives soon.

The move is aimed at driving the adoption and growth of the Starknet blockchain.

Allocation of 1.8 Billion STRK Tokens

According to the official announcement, 900 million STRK has been allocated to the Provisions Committee to distribute ownership of the network’s native token and to reward past and future contributions by users and community members.

The team has been working on the first phase of distributions for some time and is nearing completion.


Another 900 million STRK is earmarked for user rebates for their transaction fees within the network. The foundation has indicated that the planning for this program is in progress, and a newly established committee will supervise the distribution of STRK to acknowledge users for their crucial transactions on the network.

An initial reserve of 500 million STRK has been kept aside to explore the direct, indirect, and retroactive incentivization of activity on DeFi protocols, aiming to enhance liquidity, trading volume, and overall development of the DeFi ecosystem on Starknet. The DeFi Committee is overseeing this initiative, and they are approaching the conclusion of their research phase, with plans to transition to execution and deployment in Q1 2024.

“Starknet is about each of you. Every user, builder, and member of our community – existing and future – is a critical piece to building our network into the future of decentralization for generations to come. The success of Starknet depends on this.”

Airdrop Rumors

Starknet functions as a decentralized Layer 2 network on the Ethereum blockchain, leveraging a zero-knowledge roll-up solution. This strategy entails condensing numerous transactions off-chain before collectively publishing them on the Ethereum network.

Earlier this month, the Starknet Foundation responded to rumors surrounding a potential airdrop following the circulation of screenshots on social media. The foundation stressed that the screenshots in question depicted draft plans still being developed.

It clarified that the eligibility cutoff date for the airdrop has been established, and no additional user actions can impact this deadline.

In October, Starknet Foundation announced plans to disburse approximately 50 million STRK tokens as part of its Early Community Member Program (ECMP).

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