$SHIB Edges Closer to $DOGE; $GFOX Presale Nears $2 Million

$SHIB Edges Closer to $DOGE as Market Reacts Positively to Token Burn; $GFOX Presale Nears $2 Million Mark

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The start of a new year is generally a time of optimism for market sentiment, despite $BTC historically being a poor performer in Q1. But the potential for rate cuts and a looser monetary policy have added fuel to fire for those anticipating upwards trends to continue into January. Now in 2024, the year promises to be a thrilling one for crypto investors as a perfect storm of conditions is brewing on the horizon.

A solid performance from the leading market cap cryptocurrencies has highlighted the underlying strength of digital assets – and further up the risk ladder, the gains were even wilder. Memecoins have grabbed much of the spotlight over the past few months, with coins like $BONK making headlines.  

Shiba Inu ($SHIB) Gains on $DOGE

The assumption that market leader Dogecoin would perform best has thus far proven false. Memecoin investors have shown that they prefer smaller market caps and larger multiples.


Two of the main reasons behind Shiba Inu’s recent performance are $SHIB’s burn rate, with more than 150 million tokens burnt in recent days, as well as increased whale activity. These larger, more capitalized investors appear to be taking advantage of the memecoin mania and targeting $SHIB because of its liquidity and lower market cap.    

This scenario has played out across the wider ecosystem. The flipping of Pepe ($PEPE) by Bonk ($BONK) is another crucial example of memecoin traders favoring fresh narratives and lower market caps. And as $BONK retraced, Dogwifhat ($WIF) was next in rotation.

$SHIB outpacing $DOGE is emblematic of the larger trend towards smaller and faster-moving projects, which shows no sign of slowing as 2024 begins.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX): Up-And-Coming Memecoin/ P2E Hybrid

Galaxy Fox is one of these newer competitors, gathering attention and funding in tandem. It brings a unique outlook to the memecoin space, integrating a classic P2E component into its ecosystem.

Integrating utility for token holders has always been a controversial path for memecoins born as purely speculative vehicles. However, Shiba Inu’s launch of Shibarium has definitely pushed the project forward as a whole. Could a new era be beginning where memecoins improve the ability to speculate and entertain holders?

Galaxy Fox’s P2E component is a classic runner game vaguely similar to Temple Run but with a Web3 twist. It pays out rewards to the top 20% of users at the end of the season. Something to be noted about Galaxy Fox is that its position is unique in that owning $GFOX means that investors gain exposure to both developments in GameFi and the increased speculation in the memecoin arena. Staking rewards are another introduction, with Galaxy Fox integrating a taxation system (6% buy and sell) to fund various ecosystem features.

From this amount, 2% goes directly to stakers, introducing a direct connection between ecosystem growth/ user acquisition and staking payouts. It also means Galaxy Fox leapfrogs the inflationary issue of printing tokens. Another 2% goes to the liquidity pool to facilitate deep liquidity and a smooth trading experience. And the final 2% goes to the Treasury, which will be responsible for funding marketing efforts and community initiatives. 

Closing Thoughts: New Cycle, Repricing, and Next Cohort

A new cycle is beginning, and some analysts believe market volatility could decrease dramatically as institutional money matures the industry. But before that happens, there could be one final large blowout for memecoins.

Galaxy Fox’s presale is an opportunity to join a new small cap project early on. With its current market cap hovering at around $2 million, it’s well-positioned as a small market cap coin with a strong memecoin/GameFi narrative, making it an attractive option for investors with an appetite for more risk-on projects. 


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