Santa Claus rally restarts, BTC eyes YTD high as Memeinator thrives

Crypto market cap hits $1.61T as Memeinator token sale thrives

Cryptocurrencies are in a strong uptrend ahead of Christmas.

There are signs that a Santa Claus rally is underway.

Memeinator token is nearing its target goal.

A Santa Claus rally is emerging in the crypto and stock market. Bitcoin is targeting the year-to-date high while American indices like the Dow Jones, S&P 500, and Nasdaq 100 indices are trading at their record highs. 


In addition to BTC, other cryptocurrencies like Solana, Bonk, and IoTeX are also doing well. Indeed, Solana has just overtaken XRP to become the fifth biggest cryptocurrency in the world, helped by the meme coin hype.

Meanwhile, Memeinator, an upcoming cryptocurrency that aims to infuse the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with meme coins is thriving. Its token sale is slowly nearing its target of $2.4 million as it nears its end.

Why are cryptocurrencies soaring?

Cryptocurrency prices are surging because of several important factors. First, the SEC, Blackrock, and Nasdaq held their second meeting to deliberate on the mechanics of a spot Bitcoin ETF. This meeting confirmed to many people that the SEC would approve these ETFs in the coming weeks or months.

They are also jumping because of monetary policy issues. On Wednesday, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) published encouraging inflation data. The data revealed that the UK inflation dropped below 4% in November.

These numbers confirmed that global inflation was falling and that central banks wll start cutting interest rates in the coming months. The Fed has hinted that it will start lowering rates in June next year. Other banks like the ECB and the Swiss National Bank (SNB) are also expected to lower rates.

Cryptocurrencies and stocks tend to do well in a period of rate cuts because it usually ushers a new era of risk-on sentiment. This explains why the US dollar index and global bond yields have pulled back in the past few weeks.

Therefore, analysts believe that the cryptocurrency bull run is just geting started. In a note, an analyst at CryptoQuant noted that Bitcoin could rise to a high of $164k in 2024. He highlighted the following factors.

“We argue that bitcoin and crypto markets could have a positive year in 2024 mostly amid the effects from: 1. The market valuation cycle, 2. Network activity, 3. The bitcoin halving, 4. The macroeconomic perspective, 5. Bitcoin spot ETF approval and 6. Growing stablecoin liquidity.”

Memeinator to benefit

Memeinator’s MMTR token will likely benefit if this forecast is accurate since most altcoins tend to do well when Bitcoin is rising. We have seen several new meme coins surge in 2023. For example, coins like Bonk and Pepe have gained a combined market cap of over $1 billion this year.

Memeinator is aiming to conquer this industry by creating a cult following among community members. Already, more than 384k people have entered its competition to win a trip to space using Virgin Galactic’s ship. Its promotion has also reached millions of users.

In addition to its meme coin tools, the network aims to take advantage of artificial intelligence, which has gone mainstream this year. Therefore, I suspect that the MMTR will join the crypto rally in 2024. You can buy the MMTR token here.

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