Nic Carter and David Hoffman Square Off for Karate Combat at Consensus

Ben Schiller

When the news leaked on X last week, several commenters made fun of the fighters’ physiques and mocked their fighting skills. But the two are undeterred.

“At the end of the day, it’s me and David that are taking the risk and getting in the ring and all they can do is watch,” Carter said. “If they want to fight they can try and get in the undercard, they are welcome to reach out to Karate Combat. But David and I aren’t claiming to be amazing fighters. The objective is to entertain and take on a new challenge, not to begin decorated fight careers.”

“It’s been funny to hear all the haters who want to fight us,” adds Hoffman. “I have no interest in fighting anyone but Nic Carter.”

This is the 46th Karate Combat event and the second under the banner “Influencer Fight Club (IFC).” The first, featuring Ben “BitBoy” Armstrong and meme coin creator “More Light,” in Mexico City in February, drew more than hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. BitBoy beat the more-fancied More Light in a match full of aggression and flanging fists and arms.


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