Much Hyped Mr Hankey Coin Presale Now Just Hours Away

Much Hyped Mr Hankey Coin Presale Now Just Hours Away as Investors Prepare to Secure New Meme Token

One of the most hyped crypto launches of 2023 is now just hours away with the Mr Hankey Coin ICO set for an imminent launch.

The project was only announced at the start of the week but has quickly spread across Web3, catching the attention of major alpha investment groups and numerous crypto influencers on social media.

Based on the South Park favorite, Mr Hankey Coin is a quite literal shitcoin that is expected to see huge uptake in its presale and massive liquidity once it launches on exchanges. The ICO is set to go live at 6pm UTC time today.

What is Mr Hankey Coin?

$HANKEY is based on Mr Hankey, the Christmas Poo, a beloved South Park character that first appeared on TV screens during the first season of the show back in 1997.


Amid the meme coin frenzy of 2023, many projects have come and gone but Mr Hankey Coin appears to be one that has ticked a lot of boxes for investors – with FOMO reaching its peak ahead of the ICO launch.

Interest in the project is surging because of its small hard cap – with only $500k needing to be raised before the presale sells out – and its rapidly growing following. 

The Twitter page already has in excess of 7,000 followers but its not just the presale that has investors excited.

Meme coins have been surging throughout 2023 and the Mr Hankey Coin developers have also been linked with one of the top performers from earlier this year, $SPONGE, which saw 100x gains.

That could see them quickly secure major CEX listings that will allow $HANKEY to explode in price, much like what happened with $SPONGE and $PEPE, which both saw rapid growth in May.

$HANKEY’s ‘10x Potential’

During the presale, 40% of the max 1 billion supply will be made available to presale buyers.

With a hard cap of just $500k, that puts the price of each token at $0.00125.

That price isn’t expected to last long as a huge amount of liquidity (40%) has been reserved for the DEX launch, which should spark pumping trading volume.

The liquidity has also been locked eliminating any worries of a rug pull.

The remaining Mr Hankey Coin supply has been earmarked for marketing (10%), the team (5%) and CEXs (5%).

The large marketing budget will likely see the project continue to spread like wildfire through Web3, especially with the team’s experience and contacts in the industry.

A number of crypto analysts have already featured the token and its potential on their YouTube channels, with both Jacob Crypto Bury describing $HANKEY as having at least ‘10x potential.’

Investors will need to move quick to secure their tokens, however, with money set to pour in as soon as the presale goes live.

Read the Mr Hankey Coin ‘brownpaper’ for more information and join the Telegram for news on the ICO launch.

You can learn more about the Mr Hankey Coin here.


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