Logan Paul Sues YouTuber Coffeezilla for Defamation Over CryptoZoo Videos

Logan Paul Sues YouTuber Coffeezilla for Defamation Over CryptoZoo Videos

Logan Paul has filed a defamation lawsuit against YouTuber Stephen Findeisen, known as Coffeezilla, over a series of videos released in 2022 about the former’s failed CryptoZoo NFT project.

The suit alleges that Findeisen “maliciously and repeatedly” made false statements accusing Paul of organizing a scam through CryptoZoo.

“Defamatory Falsehoods”

The court documents state, “Paul brings this defamation suit to hold Findeisen accountable for his actions and to hold him liable for the immense harm that he has caused to Paul’s reputation through the intentional and reckless dissemination of defamatory falsehoods.”

In late 2022, Coffeezilla released a three-part YouTube series on CryptoZoo, branding it as “Logan Paul’s biggest scam.” The videos alleged that Paul had defrauded his fans by collecting money from NFT holders without delivering the promised project. The series quickly gained traction, getting tens of millions of views and becoming some of Findeisen’s most popular content.

However, Paul argues that these videos painted a misleading narrative. The lawsuit claims Coffeezilla omitted crucial information demonstrating Paul’s genuine commitment to CryptoZoo’s success. Findeisen knew that Paul did not profit from the project and had many internal messages showing that he was determined for CryptoZoo to be executed perfectly before its public launch.


“Findeisen knew full well that Paul had never set out to scam anybody, but to the contrary had always intended to build a legitimate blockchain-based game,” the filing states.

In the lawsuit, Paul also blames the project’s failure on Eduardo “Eddie” Ibanez, whom he describes as “a charlatan” who falsified his credentials, and Jake Greenbaum, an adviser who was “more interested in trying to personally profit than in helping to create a legitimate project.”

Logan Paul Seeks Over $75,000 in Damages

Logan Paul is seeking damages exceeding $75,000, plus interest, lawyer fees, and additional relief as determined by the court.

Paul had previously announced a $1.5 million recovery plan for CryptoZoo and considered suing Findeisen in late 2022. However, he decided against it to focus on making amends with the NFT holders. Despite this, Findeisen continued to release videos throughout 2023 and 2024, reiterating claims that CryptoZoo was a scam organized by Paul.

According to the suit, he was subsequently “left disappointed” when his efforts “failed to materialize,” and he spent $1 million to buy back the NFTs between January and March, even though he had not “earned any money from the project whatsoever.”

The CryptoZoo project, which launched in 2021, was intended to be a game where players could buy NFT “eggs” using the ZOO token. The ZOO token has since plummeted, now effectively worthless with a market capitalization of zero and minimal trading volume.

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