Immunify.Life X AMA Session With BeInCrypto

Immunify.Life X AMA Session With BeInCrypto

We’re getting ready for our AMA session in our Community!  

Today we welcome the CEO of the Immunify.Life platform – Guy Newing (@ImmunifyGuy)

Quick reminder: Immunify.Life is a healthcare ecosystem on the Polygon blockchain.

COMMUNITY: Here is how things will work.I’ll have 10 questions for Guy. After that, our guest will answer 3 questions from our members previously chosen. 


Let’s start with these questions which are definitely interesting to our Community!

1. In what ways does Immunify leverage blockchain technology to ensure data security, privacy, and transparency for its users? Can you elaborate on any innovative blockchain solutions implemented within the platform?

Guy: Blockchain and DeSci allow us to create a secure, transparent, and decentralized ecosystem where patients have control over their data, and researchers and healthcare providers can access large anonymised datasets. This system can significantly improve disease management and health outcomes, and it also provides a method of delivering incentives to drive behavior change ($IMM tokens).

2. Can you elaborate on the utility and benefits of Immunify’s $IMM token within the platform ecosystem? How does the tokenomics model incentivize user engagement and drive value for token holders? 

Guy: The $IMM token plays a crucial role within our ecosystem. It’s a fee settlement token used for various functions like deterring bad actors, staking for data sampling, and system access. Users and data samplers engage with the token, helping to establish price taking, making dynamics, and incentivising patients to share their data and better manage their health.Basically token incentives drive health data collection.

3. This is a reason why we love Web3 in BeInCrypto – unbelievable opportunities for the global future! And what problem is Immunify aiming to solve? What challenges have you faced so far and how are you addressing them?

Guy: The global healthcare system, especially in emerging economies, often struggles with accessing accurate health data due to reliance on outdated systems like paper records. This makes tracking diseases, treatment efficacy, and overall patient health difficult.

Immunify is addressing this by creating a digital, secure, and efficient healthcare infrastructure with an inbuilt incentivisation system.One of the challenges we’ve faced is ensuring the secure and ethical collection and use of health data. We’ve addressed this by incorporating blockchain technology and maintaining strict data privacy standards. To give you an idea of the size of the opportunity, there are around 1 billion people in Africa alone who rely on paper based record systems.

4. How does Immunify address the issue of misinformation and provide reliable, evidence-based health information to its users? What measures are in place to ensure the accuracy and credibility of the content shared within the platform?  

Guy: Data privacy is a priority for us. With blockchain technology, the collected data is anonymized and securely stored. Only authorized entities can access specific datasets, ensuring the privacy of patients. Patients must give consent for data sharing for this to work.The healthcare modules used by healthcare workers are developed with local medical authorities and contains predetermined best local practice options for diagnosis and treatment.

5. As the CEO of Immunify, what excites you the most about the future of the platform and its potential to revolutionize the health and wellness landscape? What are your long-term visions and aspirations for Immunify?  

Guy: Our system has the potential to transform the healthcare landscape . There are around 1 billion people in Africa alone who  rely on paper based records or nothing to manage their health.  We have several exciting projects in the pipeline, including expanding our operations to new countries,developing a module for Malaria which affects around 250 million people annually  and  developing additional features for our app and forming new partnerships to enhance our platform’s capabilities.

What excites me most about Immunify is its potential to transform healthcare, especially in countries where health data is not readily available or accurate. I believe that our platform can significantly improve patient outcomes and healthcare resource allocation. Long-term, we aim to become the leading global platform for secure, efficient, and patient-controlled health data management.

6. Could you share some success stories or case studies of individuals or communities that have benefited greatly from using Immunify? How has the platform positively impacted their health and well-being? 

Guy: We hope Immunify will significantly improve healthcare outcomes globally by providing more accurate, real-time health data. We will do this by incentivising patients and healthcare workers This can lead to improved disease management, better resource allocation, and healthier communities. In Western Kenya for example we are using the system to incentivise people living  with HIV, who have stopped taking their drugs to get back on treatment.

This is actually saving lives. In Zambia we are tackling the challenge of fake or expired vaccines and fake certificates.Lastly tackling the Opioids crisis in America, especially in New Mexico, which will potentially save a lot of lifes.While it’s too early to share specific success stories as our projects are still underway, our pilot programs are showing promising results.

We are seeing increased engagement and adherence to treatment plans, which can lead to improved health outcomes. We look forward to sharing more detailed success stories in the future.

7. Are there any strategic partnerships or collaborations on the horizon that will further enhance Immunify’s offerings and provide additional value to its users?

Guy: Our partnerships with various entities, including Hexaware, the Commonwealth Medical Association, and MMUST University enhance our work by providing us with additional resources, expertise, and reach. We are also finalising an new partnership with a US based company who specialises in using AI to diagnose various mental health issues.

These collaborations are integral to our mission of improving global healthcare outcomes.We are always looking to establish new partnerships to enhance our work. These partnerships can provide us with additional resources, expertise, and reach, which are integral to our mission of improving global healthcare outcomes.

8. Maybe you could share some insights on how the token raise aligns with your vision for Immunify’s growth and how it will empower users to actively participate in shaping the future of health?

Guy: The $IMM token offering is a pivotal moment in our growth strategy. The $IMM token drives the whole health ecosystem. It incentivises patient participation and  also provides a method for companies to sample the data. The more data we collect the more demand for the token. We believe that by integrating blockchain technology into our platform and incentivising user participation  we have a truly unique and effective offering.

By integrating blockchain technology into our platform and incentivising user participation, we are democratising health data, enabling individuals to contribute to and benefit from advancements in healthcare.

9. And what measures does Immunify have in place to address potential regulatory challenges in the health and wellness industry? How does the platform navigate compliance requirements while ensuring seamless user experience and adoption?

Guy: Addressing potential regulatory challenges is one of my key responsibilities. We’re fully aware of the complexities the health and wellness industry presents, and we approach these head-on. We’ve ingrained regulatory compliance within our operations right from the platform’s design to its implementation. This involves a multi-pronged strategy. 

Firstly, we leverage blockchain technology, which provides an inherently secure framework for storing and sharing health data. This ensures we comply with stringent data privacy regulations globally. 

Secondly, we’re actively engaged in conversations with healthcare regulators, legal experts, and organisations.This proactive approach allows us to stay abreast of the changing landscape and adapt our platform to meet new regulations efficiently. But even with all these regulatory considerations, I firmly believe that our users’ experience should not be compromised. 

I’ve always insisted that our platform be designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Our team puts a lot of effort into making sure that even the complex processes, like gaining informed consent from patients, are made simple and clear. Being compliant, secure, and user-friendly are not mutually exclusive – in fact, they go hand in hand. By addressing these regulatory challenges effectively, we not only ensure our platform’s legality but also build trust with our users and partners. This, I believe, is key to Immunify’s long-term success.

10. How does Immunify differentiate itself from other health and wellness platforms in the market, and what unique advantages does it offer users? And when are the IDOs and launch of the $IMM token?

Guy: Unlike traditional platforms, Immunify leverages blockchain for secure and efficient health data management. Our unique token-reward system incentivises patient and healthcare workers’ behavior change. We’re also integrating Decentralised Science (DeSci) and Web3 technologies into our platform.

Other key features include that Immunify has eliminated cost as a barrier to entry (the software is  provided at no cost to end users, e.g hospitals, doctors etc, and only requires a mobile phone and network data for healthcare workers to use). The IDOs will be on July  the 18th for RazrFi and the 20th for Kommunitas. Lastly, the launch will be on July the 22nd on Quickswap.

1. How can Doctors and Nurses benefit from your platform? I didn’t see anywhere you’ve talked about the benefits the project offers Doctors, Nurses and other essential workers that have sacrificed alot for us just to be healthy and alive or you don’t have any products or packages tailored towards them?

Guy: That’s an excellent question, and I’m glad you asked because healthcare professionals are at the heart of our platform. Immunify has a multitude of features designed specifically to aid doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers.

Firstly, our platform provides easy and instant access to patient data. This not only reduces time spent on administrative tasks but also ensures that healthcare professionals have the most accurate and up-to-date information when making clinical decisions. The platform also provides predictive analytics and insights, helping doctors to proactively manage diseases and make data-driven decisions.

Secondly, through the use of the $IMM token, we aim to incentivise good healthcare practices. Healthcare professionals can be rewarded for encouraging patients to maintain their health data and for other health-promoting activities. This is our way of acknowledging the hard work that these professionals put into their job every day.

Moreover, our platform can be a tool for research, as anonymised data can be used to study health trends and the effectiveness of treatments. This can aid in the discovery of new medical insights, furthering the careers of doctors and nurses and advancing the entire medical field.

We’re also working on partnerships with hospitals, medical associations, and other healthcare entities, providing opportunities for collaboration, networking, and continued professional development.

It’s also important to note that the platform is designed to be easy to use, so it does not add any additional burden to the already busy lives of healthcare workers. We’re committed to supporting our healthcare professionals in every way possible, as we truly believe that they are the backbone of any successful healthcare system.

2. From what I have read, you at Immunify Life are very focused on the African continent. What are your plans to expand to other latitudes, such as Europe and Latin America? What are the next regions where you hope to develop your initiative?

Guy: Yes, our focus has initially been on the African continent, especially in regions where there is an urgent need for advancements in healthcare data management. Nonetheless, our ultimate goal is to revolutionise healthcare data management worldwide, and we’re actively working on expanding our reach.

In fact, we’ve already initiated our global expansion plan. We have formed an agreement with an opioid addiction clinic in New Mexico, USA, recognizing the significance of this health crisis in the region, the North American market represents a significant opportunity. We’ve also had previous experience in Mumbai, India, with the local healthcare providers. Both of these locations have distinct healthcare challenges and needs, and our solutions will help drive significant improvements.

Looking forward, our strategy includes expansion into Asia and Latin America. We are cognisant of the unique healthcare challenges these regions present and the potential our platform has to address them. For instance, our secure, transparent blockchain-based data management system aligns well with Europe’s stringent privacy regulations. Meanwhile, Latin America’s growing digital economy presents an opportunity for our innovative incentive system to encourage improved healthcare management.

Besides these locations, we’re also collaborating with entities in five other countries, although we cannot disclose specific details at this stage. However, these collaborations involve partnerships with organisations focusing on vaccination programs, chronic disease management, and mental health – all universal concerns.

Ultimately, we envision a global healthcare ecosystem where patients are empowered, healthcare professionals receive support, and health outcomes are consistently improved.

3. I understand that Immunify Life’s underlying asset is data but I would like to know how they generate revenue with the data they collect from their users? How will investors make a profit and a good return with Immunify Life?

Guy: Absolutely! About 30% of all the data globally is health data and that has tremendous value.The world’s leading healthcare  providers have turnovers in the billions. To give an example,a significant aspect of our operations is focused on Africa, where healthcare systems often rely on outdated paper-based systems for data collection. This makes it challenging to accurately track where resources are spent or to understand health trends and disease patterns. Notably, around half of the funds for healthcare in Africa come from donations, and governments typically spend around 3-5% of their GDP on healthcare. Without efficient data management systems, it’s difficult to see where this money is going, making it hard to measure impact and effectiveness.

Immunify is addressing this issue head-on. By incentivising  healthcare data collection, we’re facilitating more efficient, accurate data collection. This, in turn, can lead to better resource allocation, improved health outcomes, and ultimately, healthier communities.

The data we’re collecting holds significant financial value. As we continue to collect more data, the demand for our $IMM tokens is likely to grow, since these tokens are required to view and access the data within our ecosystem.

The potential value for investors comes from two key areas:

As more data is collected and demand for access to this data grows, the demand for our $IMM tokens could increase, potentially driving up their value.

Our $IMM tokens also have a staking model, offering additional opportunities for passive income generation.

Overall, by investing in Immunify, investors can be part of an initiative that’s not just profitable but also contributes to a meaningful change in global healthcare data management.

More Info about Immunify.Life:

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