Google Cloud is now a validator on Polygon

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Polygon Labs has announced that Google Cloud is now a validator on Polygon PoS network.
The new validator will bring “same infrastructure” powering YouTube and Gmail.
Google Cloud joins recent addition Deutsche Telekom.

Polygon Labs has announced that Google Cloud is now officially a validator on the Polygon PoS network. The company revealed the development in a post on X on September 29.

Google Cloud joins Polygon’s validators

According to Polygon Labs, Google’s cloud computing platform has joined over 100 validators on the leading Ethereum layer 2 network.

“High-quality, trusted, security-minded validators like Google Cloud provide an added layer of security for Heimdall, Bor, and Polygon PoS users,” the Polygon developer team noted.


In the proof-of-stake blockchain world, validators are key as they operate the nodes that help secure the network via a process called staking. The native token MATIC is used in this crucial network operation. Google Cloud will help secure Polygon in this manner, which Polygon Labs says will see “the same infrastructure used to power YouTube and Gmail” now help in securing the Ethereum L2 protocol.

Today’s news follows Google Cloud’s recent announcement of its support for eleven more blockchains for its BigQuery public datasets. One of the networks added was Polygon PoS.

In June, Germany’s telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom joined Polygon’s validator group.

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