GoDaddy Partners with Ethereum Name Service to Connect a Domain Name to Your Wallet

GoDaddy Partners with Ethereum Name Service to Connect a Domain Name to Your Wallet

GoDaddy, the world’s largest domain name registrar, has collaborated with Ethereum Name Service (ENS) to enable users to link their traditional DNS domains to ENS blockchain-based usernames easily and free of cost. This is a milestone development in blending familiar Web2 domain name systems with the capabilities of Web3 naming protocols.


GoDaddy partnered with Ethereum Name Service (ENS) to allow users to link their domains to ENS names easily and for free.
This bridges the gap between traditional DNS domain names and blockchain naming systems like ENS.
It provides the reliability of GoDaddy along with the enhanced functionality of ENS for simplified crypto wallet interactions.
ENS enabled a cost-free linking process through new smart contracts for DNS domain resolution verification.
The move fosters trust in digital identities and convenience for managing domains & crypto wallet addresses.

Launched in 2017, ENS offers .eth blockchain domains that help simplify complex crypto wallet addresses into human-readable usernames. By connecting an ENS name to their GoDaddy domain, users can now experience enhanced functionalities and interactions spanning Web2 and Web3 ecosystems.

A new “Crypto Wallet” section has been added to GoDaddy’s domain management dashboard. This allows users to seamlessly associate any Ethereum address with their registered domain.


Consequently, the linked domain name can be used in place of the wallet address across hundreds of Web3 applications. These include crypto wallets, block explorers, NFT marketplaces, DeFi platforms and metaverse spaces that integrate ENS compatibility.

This provides a more convenient user experience and also fosters trust in managing digital identities and assets across both Web2 and Web3 spheres. GoDaddy brings its reputation as a widely recognized domain brand, while ENS offers cutting-edge functionalities powered by blockchain decentralization.

A key barrier that previously limited connecting DNS domains to ENS was high transaction fees (gas fees) on the Ethereum blockchain. To overcome this, ENS launched a new ‘Gasless DNSSEC’ protocol through on-chain governance.

This enables verification of DNS records on ENS for no extra gas costs. As a result, the entire process of linking GoDaddy domains with .eth usernames is now completely free for end users.

This gasless bridging fosters seamless interoperability between the legacy DNS system and modern blockchain naming protocols. Users enjoy the combined benefits of both systems for optimized domain-crypto wallet interactions.

Integration Simplifies Web3 onboarding for Mainstream Domain Owners The ability to link their existing domains to .eth blockchain usernames also considerably simplifies onboarding mainstream domain owners to Web3 functionalities. By building this bridge to the ENS ecosystem, GoDaddy has opened the door for millions of its customers to experience the potentials of decentralized naming.

As Web3 gains increasing traction, this integration can prove to be a tipping point heralding mass adoption. GoDaddy’s large customer base offers prime real estate to propagate ENS and blockchain name services to the public.

With this low barrier to entry, curious Web2 denizens can easily test drive .eth names while still retaining control via their trusted domains. Their first-hand experience itself could spur further exploration into decentralized solutions.

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