Former Yuga Labs Founder Addresses Come Back Rumors

Former Yuga Labs Founder Addresses Come Back Rumors

In a recent post on X, Wylie Aronow, the former founder of Yuga Labs, addressed ongoing rumors about a potential return to a leadership role within the company.

Aronow, who took a step back from his position in January of this year to prioritize his health, has clarified the speculation and given additional insights into the company.

Yuga Labs Founder Addresses Leadership Speculation

In addressing the speculation on his leadership role at Yuga Labs, Aronow openly acknowledged the numerous tweets circulating, expressing understanding of the curiosity surrounding his involvement.

Aronow emphasized the marathon-like nature of his recovery rather than a quick sprint, highlighting the seriousness of his health situation. He made it clear that he is not yet ready to resume even part-time work, underscoring the necessity of prioritizing his health for the long term, especially for those who depend on him.


Despite his absence, Aronow displayed awareness of his impact on shaping Yuga Labs’ vision, expressing that he is not oblivious to his influence and believes it is evident to everyone else, too. After a month of evaluating the company’s developments during his absence, he noted both positive and negative changes.

Identifying key issues impeding the company’s progress, Aronow disclosed that he addressed these concerns in a recent board meeting two days prior. He left the meeting with renewed confidence in the current leadership across all Yuga brands.

Aronow expressed optimism about the company’s future, particularly highlighting the anticipation for 2024 and the pressure they are under.

In a tantalizing teaser for the Yuga Labs community, Aronow stated, “I think they will impress you. Strap in,” alluding to exciting developments on the horizon.

Substantial NFT Spending Spree

In November, Aronow made substantial investments in the NFT space, spending over $1.5 million on tokens from prominent collections such as CryptoPunks, Doodles, and artworks by the artist Beeple. This spending spree commenced with acquiring a rare CryptoPunk for 600 ether (equivalent to $1.14 million), and Aronow has since expanded his purchases to surpass the $1.5 million mark.

Diversifying his acquisitions, Aronow has not limited himself to Yuga Labs-related collections but has also shown interest in well-known collections beyond the Yuga Labs universe.

His purchases include NFTs from collections such as Doodles, Meebits, Pudgy Penguins, and pieces from the renowned digital artist Beeple.

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