$DOMI Aims to Shake Up the Art World

Exploring Domini.art’s Utility: How $DOMI Aims to Shake Up the Art World with Blockchain Technology

Domini.art ($DOMI) is currently in the Beta phase of its presale and has sold over 72% of the allocated tokens. While it appears that investors are interested in what the project offers, let us take a closer look at what the Domini.art ($DOMI) project is about.

Disrupting the Traditional Art World

The art world has always been one apparently reserved for a special set, mainly because its exhibitions and costs are expensive. Over time, it became a thing, an experience of the elites. Collecting art is a pastime that only the rich can enjoy, especially when it comes to blue-chip art.

While it is understandable that the art industry is not appreciated by everyone due to the different interpretations of the works, the cost of owning a portfolio has been a barrier that has restricted some from becoming part of the industry. What this means is that many people are left out of the almost $68 billion market. This fact is what Domin.art is out to disrupt.

Creating a new era of art ownership, Domini.art fuses the practice of ownership of blue-chip artwork with blockchain technology, making it possible for people to invest in artwork, trade artwork, and earn from artwork. Domini.art focuses on blue-chip artwork, so the platform not only makes it easier and cheaper to own art, but users also get to own timeless pieces of artwork.


Why Art?

The traditional art market has been immune to many changes that technology has effected over the years. The emergence of digital collectibles popularly known as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) changed the idea of art ownership, but when it comes to blue-chip artwork, many are still restricted due to the logistics and cost of acquiring these iconic pieces of artwork.

According to statistics, the investing rewards of blue-chip artwork have outperformed the S&P 500 by over 250% since 2000. Over time, art has shown a resilient performance, enduring value, and potential for consistent growth. This means that many individuals have been kept out of this great investment type due to the high entrance barrier of the traditional art market.

Domini.art uses blockchain to fuse finance and art. In other words, Domini.art makes the ownership of fractionalized blue-chip art possible with $DOMI.

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How Domini.art works

While the typical NFT marketplaces allow users to mint their own works and sell them, $DOMI is about the ownership of genuine and unique art pieces. So the first step in one’s journey of art ownership with Domini.art begins with the sourcing of exceptional artwork.

The Domini.art art experts curate artwork from bona fide artists. This way, the value and quality of the piece are ensured. After carefully sourcing the piece, it is bought and secured in insured vaults. The purchased work is then digitized.

These digital representations of the blue-chip artwork are managed on the blockchain, so authenticity is ensured. After the representations are created, they are broken down into fractionalized pieces that can be easily bought by $DOMI holders who want to be part of the burgeoning art market. 

The fractions are sold on the Domini.art marketplace and can also be easily resold on the marketplace to not only maximize returns but also stay a part of the thriving art investment community that Domini.art builds.

With its platform, Domini.art offers easy art ownership and art investing. Having broken down the barriers to the art market, smaller investors can enjoy the excitement and rewards of owning and investing in art pieces.

Also, Domini.art sustains the value of the ecosystem with its unique pieces. The users’ portfolio will be filled with fractionalized blue-chip art that is sure to grow in value over time, and so returns are promised for the investor.

When it is time to sell, Domini.art’s marketplace offers liquidity and flexibility. The secondary market allows easy buying, selling, and trading of the fractionalized art shares. So your art investments will always have increasing worth and value.

For the user who is more interested in owning the pieces than in selling them, the owned fractions are backed by real-world art and insured in vaults, while the possessed bit is secured by blockchain, which promotes confidence and peace of ownership.

$DOMI is now selling for $0.0021, and over 25 million tokens have been sold in the Beta phase presale. 

Domini.art Presale | Domini.art Community


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