Bitwise Debuts BTC Television Ad, Signaling ETF Imminent; GFOX Heads for $2 Million

Bitwise Debuts BTC Television Ad, Signaling ETF Imminent; GFOX Heads for $2 Million

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Could the 2024 bull market be a generational wealth-creation event? Crypto now stands on the precipice of mainstream adoption and institutional and sovereign wealth fund flows. Coinbase (COIN) has outperformed  tech stocks, posting yearly gains of 400%. And Bitwise has debuted its Bitcoin (BTC) television ad, signaling that an ETF is imminent.

Stocks are at ATHs, and digital assets are still 50% below their 2021 ATHs. With Powell inching towards rate cuts, more capital could soon enter the crypto market. Memecoins and presales have been performing well –  Galaxy Fox (GFOX) is headed for $2 million, showing that investors have an appetite for small-cap ICOs.

Bitcoin (BTC) ETF Marketing: Bitwise Debuts Television Ad

Bitwise recently unveiled an ETF advertisement hinting that mainstream adoption is coming for BTC. The ad features Jonathan Goldsmith and plays on his past role as the most interesting man in the world, inferring that Bitcoin is an intriguing asset.


This public commercial is bullish, but even more bullish are all the conversations that must be occurring behind closed doors. BlackRock is the world’s biggest asset manager; its bread and butter are the fees it charges for its products. They will have been stealthily convincing all of their clients- high net worth individuals- to buy into their new product. 

Mainstream adoption for BTC is closer than most crypto-natives think. Once BTC acts as the foot in the door, a broader acceptance of cryptos will propagate through society. And this could lead to a drastic repricing of the entire asset class, not just the top 10 crypto coins.

Galaxy Fox (GFOX) Closing In On $2 Million

Galaxy Fox is an example of the current sentiment that exists on-chain. This P2E/ meme hybrid has attracted large swathes of capital as investors target both ends of the spectrum. Buy orders focus on BTC, a handful of strong alts like $INJ and $TIA, as well as some of the better presales. 

Galaxy Fox is one of the only hybrids on the market and delivers a thriving ecosystem built around its P2E component. The runner game at the heart of the ecosystem allows players to compete from around the globe, and at the end of the season, the top 20% earn prizes exchangeable for GFOX tokens. It blends this P2E component with a meme component. Introducing a viral aesthetic and token burn.

This burn campaign ensures a constant reduction in the total supply of GFOX, indirectly accruing value for all holders.

Galaxy Fox’s staking rewards are another flagship product of the ecosystem. All GFOX holders can head to the Stargate module to begin earning, and unlike typical altcoins that pay rewards with highly inflationary emissions, Galaxy Fox pays holders with taxes. This simple passive income avenue means GFOX is an excellent crypto for beginners.

Its early success in building momentum show that Galaxy Fox has a niche demand.

Closing Thoughts: The Bull Market of 2024 

The number of factors aligned at the moment is indeed a rare occurrence – a Spot ETF, a presidential election and a BTC halving are all basically happening at once. Bitcoin will be interesting to watch as the mainstream digests its value proposition amidst these factors. More curious is how the top 10 crypto coins will perform given the current state of on-chain activity.

Galaxy Fox’s market cap is still sub $2 million, so it still has a lot of room for growth and development – a welcome proposition in a market showing strongly bullish sentiment.

Learn more about GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community


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