230,000+ Numi Stories game tickets claimed on the Valicit platform

230,000+ Numi Stories game tickets claimed on the Valicit platform

Valicit is a blockchain-based ticketing platform built on Venom.
Numi Stories is a mobile app in which kitsch anime-style characters embark on musical adventures.
Venom’s design focuses on making the protocol attractive to enterprises, NGOs, and governments that might wish to build on it.

The Venom blockchain-based blockchain ticketing company Valicit has reported exceptional demand for a major metaverse event. More than 230,000 tickets have been redeemed on Venom testnet for the Numi Stories game featuring on Numi metaverse.

The achievement demonstrates Web3’s capability to create digital experiences while attesting to the desire for metaverse gaming experiences.

Why Numi Stories choose Valicity for ticketing

Venom was created as a layer-0 blockchain for hosting web3 applications, including use cases like NFTs, digital ticketing, and web3 experiences.


Interestingly, although Venom is a Turing-complete Proof of Stake network that is run by the Venom Foundation, it is not Venom’s architecture that has drawn in enthusiasts in Numo’s case. Instead, it is FOMO related to the Numo Stories Club 404 Grand Opening.

Numi Stories, a mobile metaverse app, features cute anime-style characters going on musical journeys. Each character is guided through a fantastical realm where sound and colours clash to dizzying effect as they find their rhythm. Owners of the Club 404 tickets sold on Valicit Marketplace receive first access to multiplayer features for the Numi Stories game.

Numi chose to sell its tickets through Valicit because of the qualities for which blockchain is renowned; the capacity to offer a verifiable record of sales that can demonstrate transparency while preventing fraud.

Victor Tumasov, the CEO of Numi, stated that the company was honoured to be selected as one of the initial Venom projects to be integrated into the Valicit ticketing platform. He said:

“For us the ability to sell tickets to events in our metaverse is a very interesting possibility that gives us a lot of potential cool use cases. For the first event we have chosen our PvP mode where Venom users will be able to test their mettle against each other in an amazing dance off in our mobile game.”

Venom finds use cases while on testnet

Venom has positioned itself as being perfectly equipped to host Web3 projects that want to take advantage of all the benefits that blockchain technology naturally offers while upholding the level of compliance required by the financial industry.

Although Venom is now on the testnet, the success of Valicit ticketing for the Numi Stories game proves that the platform is geared to become a major player within the Web3 industry.

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